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Me and my Egmond Rambler 2ES1 from 1968

My name is Hans Gatu and I'm an engineer in electronics since the late 70's. I live in Sweden and I work as a design engineer in the electric, the electronic and the mechanical fields.

I have worked for big companies like Ericsson and ABB but also for small companies. I have also been a teacher in electronics, in tele-communications and in photography.

I'm a leisure musician, and music has always been important to me. I'm actually a drummer, but I play the guitar more often than I play the drums, nowadays. I also compose music to old Swedish poems. In the Discography tab, you will find my published compositions. I also sings the 2nd bass in the church choir Hässleholms Kyrkas Vocalensemble.

You can contact me at this e-mail address:


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