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In the picture from 1967 I'm 8 years old, and I'm playing on a home made drum kit, made out of tin cans, boiling pots, buckets and a barrel, in the basement of our house in the town of Hässleholm. At the time, I was trying to learn how to play the mandolin, in a music class. After a year, or two, I got tired of playing the mandolin and stopped playing, altogether, but I kept the dream of being a drummer, playing on real drums. It toke until the early 70's, when I got parts of an old (maybe from the 50's) drum kit, from our neighbor. I bought more drum equipment and practised a lot. At the end of the 70's I had a pretty decent drum kit and felt ready to play with other musicians. Early, in the spring, in 1980 I started my military service, as an airplane mechanic at the 10th Airforce Wing, just outside of the Ängelholm town. We were a few airforce mates that started a blues band. After the military service ended, and the disbandment of the blues band, I saw an ad in the news paper, where a hard rock band were looking for a drummer. I replied and was called to a test and interview by the other two (yes, there were only two other members in the band). I was accepted and then I found my self being the drummer in the hard rock band, called ARROWZ. The picture from 1983 is during a performance with ARROWZ.

ARROWZ was a hard rock band, but none of us had the typical looks of a hard rocker, with our proper hair cut and style. After some time we wanted to do a recording, so in the spring time of 1982 we went to the Peter Berge studio in Malmö, to do some demo tapes. The studio was placed in the basement of the Kronprinsen building, and it was quite a good studio. Besides, it was the same studio where the Swedish musician Hasse Andersson and his Kvinnaböske Band recorded their album Änglahund.

We recorded our own compositions Roosalie and Reality, that can be listened to here:


In 1982 the Pang Records company let us record a single. It was recorded in a studio in the town of Linköping. I made the design of the cover. I used the self timer on the camera to take this picture, and when transferred to lith-film it became a part of the cover.

We recorded our own compositions Bird of steel and Help me, that can be listened to here:

Bird of steel
  Help me

The record is mentioned at several places on the internet.  HERE is one of them.

In 1983 thought it was time to enter the studio again, to do some new demo tapes. This time we used the Studio Ljudspåret in Göteborg (Gothenburg). Shortly before that, I had bought a new drum kit (that I still have). My, at the time new drum kit, as it looks today:


And some pictures from the Studio Ljudspåret, back then:


The band expanded by a new singer and we recorded our own compositions Dreams and Sign of the Gods, that can be listened to here:


  Sign of the Gods

  At the time, I had already met the woman that in 1985 became my wife. Since she lived in i Dalarna, I left ARROWZ and moved to the town of Falun. ARROWZ got a new drummer, and I started to play in a pop-band in Falun. After 4 years in Falun, and with a growing family, we moved back to Hässleholm and there I started to play in a cover-band.

A picture from Perrong 23 in Hässleholm, in 1989 or 1990, with me at the drums in the cover-band.

By coincidence, I found a broken guitar at a flea market in 1990. It was an Egmond Lucky 7. I restored it, and that was the beginning of an era of collecting, restoring and playing Egmond guitars.
Look further at my web-site about Egmond guitars: www.Egmond.se
I started to sing the bass in a church choir, i.e. Stoby Kyrkokör. The cover-band disbanded and my guitar playing increased. After a few years in Stoby Kykokör, I changed to the church choir Hässleholms Kyrkas Vocalensemble in 2004.

In 2014 I started to compose music. My first composition was what later became I natten. My intention was to write my own lyrics, but I was not happy with the result, so instead I tried to find an old poem that would fit right in the composition, and I found I natten by Viktor Rydberg, and I keep on that path ...

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